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Important Billing Information Regarding Pro-Rated Fees

Dear Valued Patient,


Psychiatric Services of Suffield is committed to providing comprehensive mental health care that extends beyond the traditional therapy session. Christine Doucette, PMHNP-BC’s dedication to your well-being often involves collaborating with caregivers, schools, and other healthcare professionals to ensure cohesive care. However, these services require time and expertise, and we want to ensure transparency in our billing practices. Therefore, we want to remind you that the following services will be billed at a prorated hourly rate: 

  • Phone Consultations: Time spent on phone calls with other healthcare providers, caregivers, or any consultations regarding the patient’s care.

  • Collaboration with Educational Institutions: Interactions with schools, teachers, or educational therapists, including meetings and phone calls to discuss and coordinate care plans.

  • Lengthy Email Correspondence: Time dedicated to reading and responding to detailed emails that require professional input or guidance.

  • Letter Writing and Documentation: Preparation of letters, reports, or any other documents at the request of the patient or their family for purposes outside of routine care.

Here is a breakdown of our practice’s prorated fee schedule:

Time Spent                                         Fee Incurred


15 minutes                                        $75 

30 minutes                                       $150

45 minutes                                       $225

1 hour                                                $300

         1hour and 15 minutes                     $375

         1 hour and 30 minutes                   $450

         1 hour and 45 minutes                   $525

2 hours                                              $600

This policy ensures that Christine Doucette, PMHNP-BC can dedicate the necessary time and resources to these important aspects of your care. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of service and appreciate your understanding of the need for these billing practices. 


We understand that billing for healthcare services can be complex. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Christine Doucette, PMHNP-BC is here to assist you and provide clarity on these matters. 


As always, thank you for choosing Psychiatric Services of Suffield as your partner in mental health and well-being.




Christine Doucette, PMHNP-BC

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