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Getting Started

Welcome to Psychiatric Services of Suffield, LLC!

We are so glad you've chosen Psychiatric Services of Suffield to support you on your mental health journey. First, learn more about our services.

Here's an overview of the registration process:

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Complete A Pre-Intake Questionnaire

To ensure that our practice is able to meet your unique needs, we ask that all potential patients complete a pre-consultation questionnaire.

Within 72 business hours, you'll receive an email inviting you to schedule or providing  alternative community referrals if

Psychiatric Services of Suffield is not able to offer the appropriate levels of services for your mental health needs. 

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Complete Our Practice Registration Paperwork

After you've completed the pre-consultation questionnaire and received an email welcoming you as a patient, you'll need to review practice policies and complete registration paperwork before you'll be able to schedule your first appointment with Christine Doucette, PMHNP-BC.

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Schedule Your First Appointment

Once you've submitted your registration paperwork, Christine Doucette, PMHNP-BC will reach out to you directly to schedule your intake appointment.

All services are currently rendered via telehealth. Please refer to the practice's Treatment & Financial Agreement for more information.

Thank you again for entrusting
Psychiatric Services of Suffield with your mental health care.

We cannot wait to get started! 

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